Saturday, August 4, 2018

Don't Stop at Your Destination

Don’t Stop at Your Destination

Are you on a journey or are you seeking a destination?  If we reach our destination, we stop traveling.  If we reach a goal, sometimes, that is the end.  We have nothing else for which to look.

It’s an old adage … Goals are not a destination.  They are markers along the journey. 

I’m remembering that today.  My destination, only for today, is to write six blogs and produce one podcast.  And in a few days, those will go stale and I’ll need to produce more stuff.

And the need for more stuff is what drives me to my writing space.

I’ll pause long enough to reflect, evaluate, and enjoy the production, and then shift my sights to the future. 

I wonder what else is out there waiting my discovery?

This is my
morning reflection.

P Michael Biggs
Words of Hope

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