Monday, December 30, 2013

Giving from Nothing

Have you ever given what was never yours? 

Let me explain.  I am friends with two brothers.  I knew these boys when they were small – 6 months old and 3 years old.  Their father abandoned them and their mother right after the youngest was born, so for thirty-plus years their father-figure influences have come in spurts and bursts from uncles, grandfathers, a strong loving mother and perhaps books read and life experiences.  There has never been a steady full-time father figure in either boy’s life to guide him, nurture him.

Today, both brothers have children of their own.  One might surmise that their child rearing skills would be lacking.  Not so. As I watch these men from a distance, I see stellar qualities.  I see love, delight and joy over their own flesh-and-blood child.  Somewhere along the line both boys realized the beginnings of their own lives did not have to be passed forward and made great decisions along the way to change the outcome for their own kids. 

Instead of abandonment, I see cherished times.
Instead of rejection, I see love and delight over their kids.

They have found a way to give great love, great nurturing, and great acceptance out of an empty well in their own story.  They are giving from a place that never existed. 

How can one do that? 

To answer that, I need to relate another short story.

There once was a father who had twin sons.  The father was an alcoholic and showed no responsibility for his family duties and ended up abandoning his sons and family.  His life ended in death from a drunken stupor.

As the sons grew, their lives took divergent paths.  One son followed in his father’s footsteps and he too became addicted to alcohol and a life of irresponsibility.

The other son became an upstanding man of his community and an abstainer of alcohol in all forms.

When in their sixties, both boys, now men, were interviewed and they were asked why they turned out the way they have, given the kind of role model they had in their birth father.

Both men gave the exact same answer. 

“With a father like mine, what did you expect?”

One saw his derelict father and felt the only course open to him was to follow in those footsteps.

The other son saw his derelict father and said, “There has to be a better way.”  He sought and found that better way.

What are we talking about here?  We’re talking about the power of CHOICE!”

We each control the button of choice.  My two friends in the earlier story chose to respond in love, integrity, responsibility and nurture.  Their bold actions stopped the cycle of abandonment.  They are giving two small children a life full of hope and love.

What choices can you and I make that have good and lasting effect for now and for generations to come?

That is my constant question, and I’ll never stop asking, seeking and answering that one.

Have a marvelous New Year!

P Michael Biggs
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Used It All

There is an expression in the sales world that goes like this:  “Don’t leave anything on the table.” 

Meaning?  If you sell men’s suits, be sure and show shirts, ties and shoes with that new suit.  Don’t leave anything on the table.

We consider life in that way.  We start out by adding to our skill set.  We learn, read, observe, study, and try new ways.  Soon we evolve into our own operating mode and that becomes our mindset and our bag from which we dip into frequently.

And when it is all said and done and we come to our end, we want to have emptied our bag.  We want to be able to say this:

“I used everything you gave me.”

I’m borrowing this quote from Erma Bombeck.  The full quote is:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’”
~Erma Bombeck

What a worthy goal – to use everything we have to use and to give everything we have to give.

Now that is a life well-lived.

Go boldly into 2014.

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, December 23, 2013

His Love ... Reaching

Right from the beginning God’s love has reached, and from the beginning man has refused to understand.  But love went on reaching, offering itself. 

Love offered the eternal … we wanted the immediate.

Love offered deep joy … we wanted thrills.

Love offered freedom ... we wanted license.

Love offered communion with God himself … we wanted to worship at the shrine of our own minds.

Love offered peace … we wanted approval for our wars. 
Even yet, love went on reaching. 

And still today, after 2000 years, patiently, lovingly, Christ is reaching out to us today.  Right through the chaos of our world, through the confusion of our minds, His is reaching … longing to share with us the very being of God.

His love still is longing
His love still is reaching
Right past the shackles of my mind
And the word of the Father became Mary’s little son.
And his love reached all the way to where I was.
~Gloria Gaither

Merry Christmas!

God  Bless Us Everyone!

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Just Another Sleepy NIght

Somewhere out on the hillside, a group of shepherds are sitting around their nightly fire, while the sheep nearby are quietly settling in. 

The old man of the group began speaking. 

“Let me tell you about what happened to me and Ben last year about this time of night.  You've heard rumors, but I was there.  I saw it with my own eyes.  Ben too.”

Ben nodded, and the old man continued.  “You’re not gonna believe this. Or maybe you will.  Whatever.  It’s true.”  He then spat into the fire.

“Oh yeah,” chimed in Zek.  “This is a good one.  I've heard it before.  Go ahead Sam.  Tell us.”

“Well,” Sam began slowly.  Like I was sayin'.  Ben and me and about ten others were just settlin' down for the night.  It was a right peaceful night – the sheep were behavin' for once and were real quiet.  Three of the fellas had already started snorin', and I had just put another log on the fire when it happened. 

He paused, looked up at the stars for a long minute, and sighed.

“Well, what happened Sam?  Don’t play games with us like that.”

“Oh, alright.  Alright.  Like I was saying,   we were all settled in pretty good and some were beginnin' to doze.  My eyes had just started to droop a bit when I looked up and saw a man.”

“A man?”  You mean he just appeared in front of you and nobody saw him come into camp?”

“Yeah, he just appeared, along with this terrible bright light.  I mean it lit up the whole sky.  It was like a thousand fires at once – that’s how bright it was.”

“What did you do” asked a young shepherd boy of fourteen?

“Nothin'.  I didn't do nothin'.  I was scared sonny boy.  I was so scared I couldn't move.”

“Then what?”

“Well, he said, ‘Fear not’.  We all heard it.” 

“‘Fear not?’  That’s what he said?”

“You got that right.  Well he talked some more.”

“What’d he say then?”

“He said, ‘I've got some really great news to tell you, and it’s for everybody, not just you shepherds, so listen up.”

"Just a while ago a baby was born right over there in Bethlehem.  He is the promised Messiah – the Christ child.’” 

“What did you do?”

“Do?”  We were scared out of our wits.  What did we do?  We just sat there like a sack of rocks.  That’s what we did.”

“Well.  Go on.”

“He said, ‘Look for this sign … Find a barn and inside will be the mother and father lookin' out for their new-born baby.  He’s lying in a feedin' trough and they have wrapped him in some pieces of cloth.’”

What’d you do then?”

“Well, those angels, or whatever they were, just left as quickly as they showed up.  We sat there for a minute, looked at each other and finally gathered our things and went in search of this baby.”

“Did you find him?”

“You bet we did.  Everything was just as that angel feller said it would be.  And after we left, we told people about it as we meandered our way back to the sheep.  People were amazed alright.  I gotta tell you though.  That was some night.  I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure.”

And that is one small part of the coming of the Christ-child.  The shepherds on that hillside became the first ones to carry the good news of Christ’s birth.  They were His first visitors.  What a night.  What a story to bring to the world. 

“We have seen the Christ as a baby in a manger.” 

And they never got over that night, for every year at this time they look up at the night sky and wondered.  They are fearful of another terrifying messenger in the sky, yet they longed for one more glimpse of that baby Messiah born for all mankind. 

P Michael Biggs
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Merry Christmas

Monday, December 16, 2013

What about Those Shepherds

Most of us accept the biblical accounting of the birth of Christ.  Let us examine one of the elements of that story – the shepherds.

They were perhaps a motley assortment of fellows.  They lived outside most of their lives, and they chased sheep around.  Sometimes they had to be the defender of the sheep – which means they fought off wolves and a few lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

They got cranky occasionally, and they were perhaps great story-tellers.  What else is there to do around all of those fires on all of those nights?

All of a sudden their night’s sleep is interrupted by bright lights, heavenly beings, and commanding pronouncements.  And to top it all off, they are told, with force, to leave their comfortable nights habitat and go find a – get this – find a baby in a feeding trough.

Can you believe that?

Well, being shepherds from the right side of the tracks, they went and they found all things as it had been told them.

Let’s look in on their visit.

“On one side sits a group of shepherds.  They sit silently, in awe, and on the floor.  Are they perplexed?  Are they amazed?  You bet. 

They were the ones who heard the first cries, the first whisperings of God.

And there they sit, witnesses to the most amazing beginnings the world had ever seen.

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Angels

To know what the angels knew of the behind-the-scenes story of the birth of Christ – well it would be an amazing story to tell. 

They were there all along. 
They were there when the plan was first hatched. 
They knew of the suffering, the longing of mankind for a deliverer. 
They knew about the promises of the promised one. 

And the day had arrived. 

God might have called a meeting of the angel band, or maybe Gabriel, the arch-angel put up signs on all of the bulletin boards in heaven calling them in for a meeting of gigantic proportions. 

Who knows? 

It happened nevertheless. 

Did they have to rehearse their song?
Did anyone give them staging and blocking instructions on where to stand, when to raise their wings and what to say and when to say it?
Did they have a special costume person add a bit of sparkle and shine to their wardrobe?

Who checked the light switch to make sure it worked properly?  After all, the script called for a really bright light. 

I think God stepped in at that point and said, “Don’t worry.  I’ll take care of the light.” 

There was a lot of hubbub in heaven on this particular day.  The place was buzzing with excitement.  Today was the BIG day. 

God gave the nod.
Gabriel stepped out onto that hillside in Bethlehem and right on cue, the angels proclaimed, shouted, sang, rejoiced with exceeding great joy. 

And this was no small angel band.  In my church dramas we’ve had only ten or twelve angels, or maybe the whole choir of forty who did the proclaiming. 

The NIV Bible says “a great company of the heavenly hosts”.  That is a whole lot of angels.  A whole lot!

Seventy five?


A hundred and fifty maybe?


Maybe a thousand?


There was a great host, innumerable in number, proclaiming and singing and making noise over the birth of a little baby.  That must have been some celebration.

It was.

Because that was some baby!

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Santa Claus

What exactly does Santa Claus have to do with Christmas? 

Stay tuned … there’s an answer coming.

The legend of Santa Claus comes from many sources.  The earliest legends originated in the fourth century in the form of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a Greek Christian man known for his generosity to the poor.

Many mentions of Santa Claus have appeared in Germanic lore and other northern European religions that thrived before Christianity took hold.
Our American version of Santa Claus seems to have come from a Dutch legend about Sinter Klaas, which settlers brought to America in the seventeenth century.  America embraced the idea of Santa Claus, who was said to deliver gifts to good boys and girls on Christmas Eve.

To many of us, Santa Claus embodies the spirit of giving.  We celebrate the nature of Santa Claus during the Christmas season by not only giving gifts to loved ones but by also donating time and money to charities.  It is the spirit of giving that embodies the legend of Santa Claus.
P Michael Biggs
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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Trip to Bethlehem

What actually happened between the time of the decree to go and register and Mary and Joseph finally arriving in Bethlehem is only speculation.  Perhaps it was like this.

Here is my version of this story.  Settle in, grab a hot java or warm eggnog, snuggle up with your favorite person and read this one out loud.

"Galilee was buzzing with the news.  Every one – every person was required by law to go to their place of origin and register for the nationwide census. 

Plans were made.  Belongings were packed.  Food was properly cured, stored, wrapped and preserved for the trip, and perhaps lists were made of all of the caravans that would be coming through Galilee and on which days so that those who wanted could join up.

Joseph made their trip arrangements while Mary took care of their provisions.  He selected Zek’s caravan.  He knew him from the village and had made a few benches and trunks for Zek’s wagons.  At least they would be in the company of friends and trusted travelers for their eighty-mile trek. 

The average man could walk about 20 miles a day, so this journey was a journey of four days.

The day came and the journey began.  There was a lot of joviality and excited conversations as they began.  The countryside slowly eased past as they trudged along. 

Mary had to make a few more stops than the average woman, due to her condition, and after the first night Zek pulled Joseph aside and told him the unfortunate news. 

“Tomorrow, we’re gonna have to go ahead.  You and Mary are holding us up.  I’m sorry.”

Mary tried to bear up bravely, but the journey, the donkey and her pregnancy was no match for the rapid pace the caravan took.

True to his word, on the second morning Zek moved on ahead leaving Mary and Joseph in the dust of their trail.

Now alone, Joseph looked worried.  How will we make it?  What will I do if some bad sorts of men come along?  Maybe we can join another caravan.  I think I see some dust stirring behind us.

Other caravans came and went, and they all left Mary and Joseph eating their dust.

Mary, however, was not perplexed.  She had a promise.  She had hope.  The direct message from the angel was this:  “the power of the most high will overshadow you.” 

Yes, that message was for the miracle of the birth of her baby, and it was for the journey leading them to His birth. It was an all-encompassing promise. 

In other words, as God often has said to others, “Be not afraid nor dismayed, for I the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

They missed the fun around the campfires of the caravan.  They missed the shared meals; they missed Elisabeth’s special way with the standing rib roast, and the special sauté of onions, leeks, garlic, with roasted potatoes, and they missed the stories and laughter at night.

But they showed up in plenty of time and they were kept safe.

They had a rendezvous with destiny, and God got them there on time.

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, December 2, 2013

What's So Special about Dec 25

December 25th is the date that most of the world celebrates Christmas day, the birth date of Christ.

No one knows the exact date of the birth of Christ.  Neither the New Testament nor any other historical record makes a claim as to the exact date on which Christ was born.  Early on, the Church considered many different dates.

January 2
 March 21
  March 25
   April 18
    April 19
     May 20
      May 28
       November 17
        November 20

In the fourth century the Western Church observed December 25 and eventually Eastern Churches followed suit.  And so it is today.

December 25 was selected to line up with several pagan Roman holidays in celebration of the winter solstice and worship of the sun.

However, December 25 has become a landing place for us for centuries, and it is now considered as a hallowed date on which we commemorate the birth of the baby who changed the course of the world. 

Merry Christmas one and all!

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Forever Kingdom

(Today we begin our series of fresh Christmas thoughts.  I'll be posting a fresh one here every Monday and Friday.  Surely hope you will check back often and share these thoughts with your friends and families.  Thanks so much. )

Sometimes, in our low moments of life, we wonder what it’s all about, and more importantly, how will it all end. 

Prices go up, unemployment rises, changes come, health insurance rises, governments go on strike and shut-down, monarchs come into power and go out of power; politicians get elected and do their thing for a while.

What a rat race.

Want some good news in the middle of all of this?

Check this out.  Luke 1:33b says this:

“His kingdom will never end.”

In the proclaiming and predicting of the birth of Christ, we find this little gem smack dab in the middle of it all. 

It is hope. 
More than that, it is hope wrapped around a promise.

No matter what happens
No matter who is in power
No matter the laws that are passed
No matter the restraints we face

“His kingdom will never end.”

That is amazing indeed.  And it’s been going on for over two-thousand years now. 

Carry on. 

Our side wins in the end.

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

(The next post for Morning Notes will be Friday, Nov. 29, 2013.  Happy Thanksgiving!)

In searching for some fresh thoughts on Thanksgiving, here is how my mind works this year.  I've searched numerous web quote sites and though they are full of good stuff, this year they leave me a bit less satisfied. 

So here goes …

What would life be without Thanksgiving?  What if it was outlawed?  Would we meet in clandestine places and spaces and celebrate quietly?

What if eating turkey was outlawed and our only choice was bologna?  Would Thanksgiving still hold its meaning? 

What if everybody had to wear a sticker on their forehead that said “Go ahead, Punk.  Ask me what I’m thankful for and make my day.”  Would you ask very many people?

What have I never mentioned before in a Thanksgiving prayer, yet it makes my life complete?

Here are some items on my list.
~The soft, highly comfortable loafers I’m wearing right now.

~The green sweater with two buttons.  I love that sweater and Carolyn threatens to throw it out every time I wear it.

~I am thankful for every text message from Carolyn after she reads my blogs.  Those are treasures and make me feel pretty special – every single one of them.

~I am thankful for giggles and laughter from my grand-kids.

~I am thankful for my Ford Taurus with 140,000 miles on it.  It still runs and gets me where I need to go.

~I am thankful for crock pots.  Enough said

~I am thankful for whoever you are who reads my blogs.  How did most of you find me?  Amazing!

~And finally, to God be all thanks, praise and honor for this life I live.

~And I am thankful for the one with whom I share life (Carolyn), and for siblings, step-kids, grand-kids and extended family, and an incredible list of friends near and far.  Do you realize how you mark my life?  I rarely tell you, but the marks are there, and they are good marks.  I remember funny things, quirky things, silly things, lovely things, serious things, and beautiful things. 

And mostly – memories.  I’m thankful for memories. 

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, November 18, 2013

7 Liberating Words

What an intriguing title – 7 liberating words.  Want to know more?

Here you are.  This is good!

Notice you and I are involved in the process.  “We” means you and me. 

And notice the “decide” word.  That means we have some choices along the way.  Do we follow the way of least resistance, the easy way, or do we make the good choices? 

This idea begs some questions.

What do you want to be? 
Where are you today and where do you desire to be tomorrow or in a month or a year?  These answers are critical.

I love the power of choice.  It is one of the great gifts of life.  Everyone has it.  It is such a potent power.  And we have to use it wisely.  

Our liberating words say – 

We have choices.
We choose to decide to become. 

Be a becomer!

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, November 15, 2013

God's Weaknesses

From where I sit, it appears that God has some weaknesses that need to be pointed out. 

For instance, did you know He is lousy at math?  Why, He apparently can’t keep a balance sheet to save the day.  And don’t get me started on Him keeping score. 

I counted six or eight instances the other day when I had been a model citizen, even a good Christian, and did I get my just reward?  Nooooo!

I heard He favored an old man in a nursing home and brought him back from the brink.  Where is the justice in that?  That man was a mean and crotchety kind of fellow, and God actually gave him a break.  I can’t believe that.

And there was this woman facing cancer surgery.  She lived down the street from us.  She yelled at kids crossing her lawn and leaving muddy footprints in her freshly sown grass, and she cheated some on her income tax, or so I’m told.  And do you know what He did?  He brought her through that surgery and instead of dying in two or three months, she might live another year or more with the way the medical world has advanced. 

I scored way higher on the good deeds scale than she ever thought about, and God did that for her.  What is this world coming to? 

There was one time I really messed up, and I knew God was mad at me.  Well, I confessed alright, and then after that I stewed and worried that I hadn't done it right and all that.  And then someone pointed out the story in the Bible of the woman caught in adultery and all she got was a “don’t do that anymore and go about your way.”

I confessed, and even shed a tear or two.  I cried – real tears!

There just isn't any justice in this whole thing.  God is weak at best. 

Or is He?

Maybe He just offers to all of us the most amazing display of grace and peace and forgiveness.  All we have to do is reach out and accept it. 

Accept it. 

No strings attached.
No bowing and scraping.
No going without food for three days.

Just accept and believe. 

His words call to me.  They call to all of us. 

“Come to me all who are tired, weary, and have huge burdens.  I’ll give you rest.  Learn of me – Learn my ways, for I am the way to rest and peace.”

If that is weakness, I’ll take two helpings please.

The grace of God
                    The offer of peace

What a God. 

Don’t correct his math paper.  He has his own way of ciphering and I like the way He keeps books after all.

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Life's Rule #3

In baseball we don’t stand a chance of getting on base unless we step into the batter’s box. 

Life’s Rule #3 is simple:

If you do not step forward,
you will always be
in the same place.

I talked of being a writer for over thirty years.  None of my writings produced themselves.  No one came to me and asked me to write for them.  It was the act of stepping forward that led to my first published magazine article, video script and ultimately my first book. 

And along the way, by sticking out our necks, look how we improve.  We go through the testing chambers to see if we have the stuff of consistency and longevity, and as we improve something within us begins to take over.  It is a confidence that speaks to our inner spirit.

And that quiet voice whispers:

“This is your moment.” 
“This is your destiny.” 
“Show the world your stuff.”

The act of stepping forward has tremendous power and energy in it.  It is also a great test of tremendous courage.  It takes great courage to step forward, speak out, show your stuff, write and publish your book, or record your songs. 

How do you know what you can do unless you do step forward?

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Statue with No Hands

It’s story-time. 

“After World War II, a group of German students volunteered to help rebuild a cathedral in England, one of the many casualties of the Luftwaffe bombings.  As the work progressed, a debate broke out on how to best restore a large statue of Jesus with his arms outstretched and bearing the familiar inscription, “Come unto me.” 

Careful patching could repair all damage to the statue except for Christ’s hands, which had been destroyed by bomb fragments.  Should they attempt the delicate task of reshaping those hands?

Finally the workers reached a decision that still stands today.  The statue of Jesus has no hands, and the inscription now reads,

And so it is today.

We could go a hundred different directions with this idea today. 
Yes, there are hungry to feed.
Yes, there are cold and lonely souls in need of warm clothing.
People are in need of shelters to keep the wind off them.

And the list goes on.

In the middle of this mix of want and need, allow my voice to cry out for common decency for every man, every woman.

We show more of Christ with our kind and gentle spirit than we ever do with handing someone a few bills out our car window on a windy street corner.

We show the hands of Christ every time we speak to our kids, grand-kids, siblings and spouses. 

Every time!

We show the hands of Christ to retail clerks, grocery store stockers, window washers, co-workers and nosy neighbors. 

Living out the Christian lifestyle is more than going to church, singing a few songs, reading a few scriptures and avoiding curse words on Sunday.

It is expressed in the mundane of life.  It is shown at 6 A.M.   when the alarm rings and it is shown when the pot boils over and dinner is ruined. 

It is shown when your sports team wins and when it loses.

It is shown when you see a beautiful person walking down the street and when you pass the beggar in the alley.

We show the hand of Christ in every word, every thought, every action and every reaction.

May the world see the love of God in our hands, hear it in our voices, and sense it in our essence as we pass by.

The old poker rule is “don’t show your hand”.

The God-way is this:

Show the soft side of your hand, for in showing it you show HIM!

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Life's Rule #2

Here’s the thing – we have to do the “ask” thing.  My wife and step-son are in nonprofit fundraising.  They often speak of the “Ask” as an integral part of their work in showing organizations how to effectively solicit funds.

Rule #2 simply stated is this:

If you do not ask, the answer will always be “NO”.

Most married people, sooner or later, had to ask the “will you marry me” question.

Most sales people have to ask for the sale, the deal, the money or whatever the commitment is.

We ask. 

Even the Holy scriptures have an encouraging word on this subject.
 James 4:2
You don’t have because you don’t ask.

On February 16, 2012, I posted a blog entitled Ask for Help.  Please follow this link.  Ask for Help Blog

It is amazing just how much help is available when we dare ask.

P Michael Biggs
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Ants in Your Pants

I just created a whole passel of visual imagery in your mind with this title.  Ants in your pants – they ‘ain’t no fun’ as we used to say in Tennessee.

I found this great quote:

“Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith.  They keep it awake and moving.”
~Frederick Beuchner

How many talks, sermons and books have you heard or read on the subject of “faith”?  And they all boil down to this one fact – we either have faith in God or we don’t.  There is no middle ground. 

And when doubt raises its ugly head, the creepy crawlies come in.  We begin to get restless.  We stem and stew, we worry and fret, and we moan and groan. 

Faith and ants in the pants don’t mix. 
Faith and moaning, worrying, stewing do not mix.

What has God said to us in the past?
How has God led us in the past?
Where has our strength come from in the past?

He has not changed.  He is the same today as yesterday. 

Jesus reaches out his hand to us just as in this scripture and asks the same question – “Why do you doubt?”

Faith is the surety of what we hope for. 

Faith is one of the most difficult of graces to practice.  We live in such a fact-based society that it goes contrary to everything with which we are bombarded.

Yet the admonition stands.  Have faith. 

In my book The Letters, you’ll find this word of encouragement in a letter from God.


Dear Child:
You are concerned about my credentials.  Allow me to present a recent resume.

I created the world.
I formed you in my own image.
I put within you gifts and skills for your good.
I have given you the power to choose.

I am close to the brokenhearted.
I speak words of comfort to the comfortless.
I revive crushed spirits.
I redeem the wasted life.

I heal.
I restore.
I forgive.
I redeem.

No prostitute is too far gone.
No drunk is beyond my forgiveness.
No stubborn minded individual is beyond reach.

I love the brilliant.
I adore the simpleton.
I understand the agnostic.
I yearn for the atheist.

I can see beyond what you can see.
I can lead in the dark.
I can keep you safe in the middle of a storm.

I can stop your enemy.
I can restore nations.
I can encourage the downhearted.

I am God. 

I love you and I really like you.


When we come to our end, our testimony is found in this great faith statement.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time