Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Let Us Begin

Let Us Begin

Perhaps, today is a good day to begin.  And what shall we begin?  Why, the thing that is your magnificent obsession, of course.  Is it a company you want to build, or a book to write, perhaps a recording you wish to make, or a savings account for retirement years? 

Today would be a dandy day to begin just that. 

I found this quote this morning and it grabbed me. 

All of this will not be finished in the first 
100 days.  Nor will it be finished in in the first 
1000 days … nor even perhaps in our lifetime 
on this planet.  But let us begin.”
~John F. Kennedy

One of the things President Kennedy was speaking of was space exploration, and we did make a beginning, and have some huge accomplishments to our credit.

The main point is this … we made a start.  You may not want to go to the moon and beyond, but you do want to go somewhere and do some things.

Make a start.

Let us begin!

That is enough for today.

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Seeking Perfect in an Imperfect World

Seeking Perfect in an Imperfect World

I wish life was perfect.  I wish my body was perfect, my car was perfect, my job was perfect.

I like perfect … except I’m not perfect. 

And I’m doing life anyway. 

I’m going out in a couple of hours and I’m waiting for traffic conditions to improve.  Actually, I’m waiting for everybody, and I mean everybody to get off the roads so I can have perfect driving conditions.

Not gonna happen, is it?

Oh my, we pursue perfection, don’t we? 
     Perfect job
       Perfect mate
         Perfect house
           Perfect kids and grands
             Perfect date night
               Perfect entertainment

I don’t think we’ll ever see perfect, so I suppose we had best get to overlooking imperfections and do life anyway. 

We go and do in the middle of imperfect. 

In my hometown in Tennessee, I could always pull up to the gas pumps and ‘gas up’ without having to wait.  Now, I go to Costco and there are five cars in front of me every time.  It’s not a perfect system.

And I’m not perfect … yet.  But I’m working toward good, pretty good, better.  Regardless of the state of grace or disgrace in which I find myself, I still go and do life. 

Today I will look beyond all the imperfections I find and do life anyway. 

Here I go.  Come with me.  Let’s find the fun and adventures in the middle of imperfect.

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope

Monday, April 16, 2018

A World with No Bosses

A World with No Bosses

What if you and I lived in a world with no bosses?  What if there was no one around to tell us what to do, how to do, when to do, where to go?

You could do anything.  It’s up to your own initiative. 

So, what?

Do you have the drive, the initiative to go make something, or to make something of yourself?  If you only had to please yourself, could you?

I’m living that to a small degree at the moment.  I have no editor or publisher breathing down my neck demanding the next manuscript or the fixes on the last one turned in.  I write what I want, when I want and lately, because I’ve been on medical leave, I’ve had a grand time.  I set an agenda every day, write every day, read every day and it is supreme. 

Could you do that?  Could you make up your life as you go? 
Would you start something – a company, a non-profit, a charitable institution, a school with a unique specialty? 

Would you bake all day?  Open a restaurant?  Make the best ham-n-eggs in the world?

Would you go around the country and speak to all kinds of people with your message of hope, or instruction or whatever your message is?

Would you design and build a new kind of transportation?  Would you bicycle everywhere you go?

The secret to what I’m talking about is this … ‘what would you do if nobody told you what to do – all day, every day?

It’s fun to be whimsical with this idea, and it kind of points us in some directions of where our mind takes us when we let go of the reigns.

Oh, you wanna know what I would do?  I would keep writing and producing my message of hope, encouragement and inspiration through writing, podcasting and speaking. 

I still think there are a lot of people out there who need a word of hope.

That’s what I would do.

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope