Friday, October 24, 2014

Good in the Long Run

Have you ever been lucky?  Have you had some new venture that really wowed the world the first time out of the chute?  When a person is good at the beginning, perhaps all that really happened is this – they got lucky.

They Got Lucky!

And do you know what?  Luck is not a strategy.  Strategies take time and thought.  Strategies sometimes fall apart.  Strategies sometimes miss the mark and we lose money.

Too bad, isn’t it?  We wanted to be great out of the chute. 
We wanted …
               To woo
                         To wow
                                   And to win.

However, there is some good news after all.

Being ‘good’ over the long haul is simply a matter of effort, tenacity, and some really smart practices that get honed and fine-tuned on the playing field.

None of my grandkids learned to walk 30 days after their birth.  Nor did they walk 60 days after.  Today they all walk and talk, smile and laugh.  They’ve become ‘good in the long run’ and so have your kids and grandkids.  And it is so in whatever you find to do with your life and talents.

Have you noticed that people who are good in the long run sometimes fail a lot?  Their early days are less than perfect.  That is called “paying the price” for becoming good in the long run. 

With every stumble and every blunder we learn.  We learn because we want to be good in the long run.  If we interviewed many of today’s successful people, they would tell stories of their failures in the beginning.  Failure is a part of the deal.  It is the price one pays for being good in the long run. 

Every rejection is a gift.  It is our chance to learn to do it better.

And in the long run, there is a better than average chance that we will be one of those who has a long and prosperous run.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Word of Gratitude

Thursday, October 23, 2014 marks the five year anniversary for my blog writing life.  This milestone is a simple prayer of gratitude.  Can you take a few minutes and share this with me?

Gratitude 1:
Thanks be to God for the inspiration and ideas that have come to me in odd moments and in sometimes obscure ways.  As a writer, I am ever on the search for the next great idea and I never know when that idea will strike my heartstrings.  All I can add is this … a prayer of “help” with every post, and a prayer of “blessing” on those who might take the time to read my thoughts. 

My bi-line has and always will be “offering hope, encouragement and inspiration one word at a time.”  I live to encourage.  Sometimes it is with a scriptural text.  Other times, it is a great thought or quote from some wise person that just simply applies to a life principle.  If you are encouraged or offered hope, then I have fulfilled my mission for that moment in time.  What more can a writer ask for?

Gratitude 2:
I have found inspiration from other authors of books, magazine articles, blog posts and quotes both in print and on the Internet that have contributed to my posts.  In every case I have attempted to be faithful to record and recognize the contributors. 

My fellow writers, you are heroes.  Sometimes I mimic your style, lift a word or phrase here and there, and often quote whole passages.  You say things so much more clearly than I could ever create and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gratitude 3:
To those of you who have taken time to read my words, I am humbled and so grateful.  On my computer I have a file of your responses, expressions of gratitude and your words of encouragement back to me.  I think of you with every word and sentence.  Am I making sense?  Am I writing on a topic that addresses a need for you?  Am I presenting my thoughts in fresh ways with fresh insights – not a rehash of old babble?

I’ve received sufficient responses that keep me coming back to the keyboard.  For yet another day, week, month and year the keyboard calls because you have let me know you are listening, reading and receiving. 

I am humbled at your responses. 

And now … the desire to write is still strong within me.  The search continues for my ultimate goal … “To write the blog heard around the world.”

And why?

Because I only want to do one thing …

Offer Hope, Encouragement, and Inspiration to mankind one word at time.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Believe in What You Do

Do you buy into whatever it is you do?  Do you do what you do out of a sense of commitment, dedication, passion, purpose?

I write in my particular style because it appears some people find encouragement from my books and blogs.  I believe in my gift of encouragement and abilities to form thoughts that bring hope.  Therefore I believe in my abilities as a writer.

My friend Chuck believes in retail sales and ministry through his rather large Christian bookstore in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  He’s been in the business now for over thirty years and he is very good at what he does.  He believes in that venture.

Bob, my recording engineer friend in Nashville believes he makes a difference in pushing buttons and making recording artists sound as great as he possibly can.  And he is an award winning engineer in doing so.  Bob believes in his craft and in his ability to do it exceptionally well. 

Most of us have had jobs in which we suffocated rather than thrived.  For us, those moments, months and years were pure mundane living.  Ah, but when the day comes and we find our niche, we come alive.  Belief kicks in and we soar.  And so does belief in our destiny.

What is your “calling”?
What do you believe you can do?

I sincerely hope you find your “thing” and do it with abandon.

Seth Godin, a writer from whom I get a lot inspiration, says this:

“Do you believe in what you do?  Every day?  It turns out that belief happens to be a brilliant strategy.”

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Little Watering

Once upon a time there was a peach tree.  From the outside appearance, this tree was all dried up, useless, and not worth much.  In the summer, when fruit bearing season came along, this peach tree put out warts instead of peaches.  Needless to say, they were dried up and very small. Even the crows left them along, if crows indeed eat peaches. 

One fine March, I decided to give this tree one more season before chopping it down.  I soon came to realize that maybe this tree simply needed watering.  So, every afternoon when I got home, I faithfully watered the tree.  Some evenings, it seems I stood for nearly an hour simply holding the garden hose to the base of the peach tree.

Time passed.  When the peaches came in later that season, my Albuquerque peach tree produced peaches in bushels and basketfuls.  They were large and juicy and sweet peaches.

You see.  My peach tree simply needed a bit of watering.  Just some faithful watering.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy, far, far away, there lived a skinny nine year old boy.  He wore tattered jeans, dirty tennis shoes and a ball cap.  His hang-down expression pretty much summed up the story of his life.  You see, he never heard much in the way of kind and positive words.  He heard plenty of “don’t do that.  Stop that boy.  Get away from there.  What do you think you’re doing?”

One fine day a wise older man came into the young boy’s life.  He expected to hear the same barrage of put-down’s he had heard for most of his life.

Instead, he heard words like, “Good job.  You did great!  I like the way you performed today.  Where did you learn to do that?  Outstanding.  Simply outstanding."

Our young lad grew.  He replayed the words of the kind and gracious old man.  He began to see himself remade in the image of the esteem that he heard from his older mentor.  

He grew.  And grew.  And grew. 

Not so much in size and height – but in terms of an inside job.  He saw himself as a capable, useful and worthwhile human being. 

He became a believer in himself because he saw himself through the eyes of an encourager. 

The old man simply watered the young man.  He poured on him water of encouraging words, and gave him a coat of “self-belief.”

The end!

But really, it is only the beginning.  To whom can you give words of esteem and encouragement?

A child
An employee
A neighbor
A nephew or niece

Pass it along -- words of esteem that is.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time