Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rejected? So What

What if you put ‘it’ out there, whatever ‘it’ is?  And in the process of ‘putting it out there’ you get rejected.  Then what?

There are dangers ahead.  Beware (but not really).

Consider this.

You put “it” out there and …

You get your hopes up, and they crash and burn.
You set a course to pursue and you never make it to your destination.
You fall in love with an idea that never matures?
You write a book that becomes a dust gatherer.
Your great “idea of the month” crashes and burns and some even laugh.
Your restaurant and stellar menu attracts more flies than people.

That hurts.  Ouch!

So you got rejected.  Now what? 

Was it all for naught? 

Heavens no!  HEVENS NO!!!

There is an amount of risk in every venture.  It is unavoidable.  And we do it anyway.  We step out.  We proceed.  We weigh the chances of success verses failure and if we have the burning inside of us, we do the thing. 

And if we fail, IF we fail – let it make you a better person, a wiser person. 

What can you learn after a fall?  The odds are almost always against new ventures and new upstarts.  Is that a good reason to avoid the thing?  No, no, no … a thousand times NO!

The better question is this:  Is it worth it? 

And better yet … consider this:  What if I succeed?

What if indeed.

Sometimes we make the leap.  We jump.

Note this:

Sometimes we talk ourselves in failure
before it even shows up.  How tragic is that?
~Seth Godin

Rejection in hindsight is often resolved with a sigh of relief.  That is all.

And if you succeed … Hurrah!  You win.

(P.S.  The seed idea for this blog is from Seth Godin.)

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