Monday, March 5, 2018

To Care Again

To Care Again

Perhaps you and I have a cause, a passion, about which we care.  Maybe even, we dare speak up, we demonstrate, we write a book or a song about this great passion of our hearts.

… and nobody notices. 

Few read what we wrote.  Nobody comments.  Nobody acknowledges anything relative to our stance and passion on life.  

And what do we do?  How do we respond? 

Sometimes, the easiest thing is to walk away.  Perhaps we vow to ourselves that we will never speak up, ever again. 

And that is the end … maybe. 

I’ve written some, in my opinion, amazing blogs.  (You can help me scratch my swelled head if you like.) 

Interestingly, some of those blogs have gone on to be largely ignored.  But I care enough to keep writing.  I care enough to do what I do, think what I think, and write as often and as many blogs per week as I write.  I care.

I’m seeking to make a change in people.  This change I seek … to see the light of hope come into someone’s eyes and heart, to offer someone on this planet hope, encouragement and inspiration.  And my tools are five blogs and a podcast site.

This is important work to me.  It is life-giving work.  When I was recovering from my surgery, for six weeks I couldn’t write.  I couldn’t form any significant thoughts worthy of a blog, and I grieved over that.  Now, I’m back in stride.  I’m still looking for the seeds of a few ideas that might transform someone’s mind and heart toward a better goal, a lofty and magnificent obsession. 

For instance, in my blog, Internet Church, I write, hoping someday to hear the story of some down-n-out person who stumbles across this blogsite and finds a life-transforming word of hope and grace.  Maybe they haven’t darted into a church for years – maybe never.  And one fine day the need arises for a God-connection and they miraculously find Internet Church.  That would be something, now wouldn’t it.  And so, I keep trying

I have objectives for all of the blogs I write.  The others do not take such a direct route toward God, but they are meant to benefit mankind by offering this hope, encouragement and inspiration I talk about so much.

Bottom line … I am one who cares.  I care for mankind.  I care for you, my reader, whoever you are, wherever you live and with whatever you face in your life here on earth. 

My word to you today … care again.  Care for your calling, care for your gifts, care for your passions, care for your talents, care for your family and fellow man, and care for this world. 

We need care givers!

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope

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