Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Standing Still Is Risky

Standing Still Is Risky

I’ve sometimes been afraid to act.  What a dilemma.  For action sometimes means moving from our comfort zone to our scary place.

I was sick in early October; so sick that I was frankly afraid to go to the doctor.  My body got worse, and I finally agreed to go to an Urgent Care facility on Friday, Oct. 13. 

That didn’t help much, nor the prescription they gave me.  I needed more but was afraid, so I kept standing still.

The following Tuesday I reached a crisis moment.  I was at the point of the unknown and I needed serious medical attention.  I couldn’t risk standing still any longer.  It is a good thing I took action.  And now three months later, and a triple heart-bypass, I’m on the mend.  My inaction was the wrong road. 

Haven’t we all stood still at the wrong
moments in life?  I recall a toxic relationship, a bad job, the wrong set of friends.  It takes guts in these situations.  It takes an inner strength that we sometimes have to find for ourselves, and find it we must.

This quote prompted my thoughts right now:

Standing still is the 
riskiest plan of all.
(Seth Godin in What to Do When It’s Your Turn)

There is a certain amount of uncertainty in our moments of standing still.  What if we fail?  What if people laugh?  What if … we could finish that phrase with a thousand answers. 

Instead … what if we succeed?  What if people like and buy and read what we do?  What if we get better?  What if she says ‘yes’?  What if it turns out to be our dream job? 

Yes indeed … What if!

Maybe the question is … What are you going to stand for? 

It’s an action response!

This is my morning reflection.

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