Thursday, November 2, 2017

Practicing What You Preach

We’ve heard this phrase a thousand times, and yet again today it was made fresh to me.

I was at the gym early this morning for my first assessment and round of exercises toward getting my heart stronger.  My normal routine is to keep my head down and concentrate on my own stuff.  A tall man in a light blue cap approached me and said, “I thought that was you.”  It was my cardio doctor – Dr. S.  He’s the main quarterback in getting me back into my game and the one who said, “I can give you another twenty years.”

And here he stood, hand outstretched, smile on his face, and a warm greeting.  He had a ring of sweat on his tee-shirt, and he had been doing the very thing he was encouraging me to do.  Exercising.

He even asked my exercise specialist how I was doing.  And I don’t think he will bill me for that consultation. 

Can you imagine what that did for me in that
moment, and what it is doing for me 90-minutes later?  It was a moment of elation, first because he recognized me and asked about me. Second, because he was practicing what he preaches.  He was exercising for himself.

I love that!  My coach understands the game enough to be a player himself. 

I really do believe he can give me another twenty years.  That is my goal.

In another post, I’ll deal with the issues of my own history of practicing what I preach, or not. 

For today, I’m resting in knowing I’m in good hands … all of them. 

This is my morning reflection.

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