Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Other Side of Fear

Evidently, I’m sicker than I look.  My doctor says I have a weak heart. 

That frightens me.

But on the other side of fear … hope.

My doctor says I have 85-90% blockage in my arteries. 

That frightens me.

But on the other side of fear … he can do something about that and give me twenty more years.

I could list a lot of foods that are now off my diet.  I may miss them from time to time.  And I fear for when the cravings may kick in.

However, you should see what I had for dinner last night – an amazing cube steak with mushrooms, carrots, green beans, and for dessert – yummy rice pudding.

I have fears about what I’m now into, and the losses, and the changes of lifestyle, but on the other side of my fears … GREAT HOPE!

I have great hope for I choose to live a better-quality life.

I fear every new step on this new journey.  Today I go back to work for a few hours.  I’m fearful. 

Today I have to make choices for lunch.  I know what I want to choose … now will I actually choose it.  I am fearful.

But I face my fears.  I trust my new resolve.  I trust my doctors.  I trust my wife who believes in me, I trust my God, and I trust the wisdom of others in the choices I will make today.

Fear will probably nip at my heels for a while now with every decision I make, and that is okay.  Perhaps it helps me tread even more carefully, plant each step with more intentionality, and be present and mindful with every choice, every bite and every thought.

Yes, I’m fearful …

And on the other side of my fears … I’m hopeful.

This is my morning reflection.

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