Thursday, January 25, 2018

Surgery Has Changed Me

Surgery Has Changed Me

Yes indeed.  Surgery has changed me. 

I’ve been wanting to resume my writing schedule for a few weeks now.  However, the ideas and my attention span didn’t cooperate.  I’ve had more than a few ideas during this time, but had no pen and paper or my computer at hand to capture them.  My loss. 

I’ve attempted to write a post no less than six times since December 18 (my
surgery date) and have closed out the document because it was empty.  I wonder if my creativity is like a muscle and I’ve lost some tone and conditioning due to inactivity?  The desire is there but the desired results are missing. 

If so, then this is my attempt at reconditioning my mind to get back into the business of producing words and ideas of hope, encouragement and inspiration. 

I had breakfast with my friend Tom today.  He jump-started my thinking by saying … just write and let us know you are okay.

So here goes … I am okay.  More than okay.  I’m on the mend.  I’m not 100% yet but the doctor okayed me to drive now that my dizziness has mostly subsided.  I am free from pain, I have lost muscle tone and not just in the creativity area.  I’m down 30+ pounds and my belt is in the smallest notch, so all of that is a change. 

I move slower than ever. 
I’ve read 2 excellent books during recovery so far.
I’m caught up on all the Hallmark Christmas moves for a few years.

I’m eating differently w/better discernment.
I’m a bit more emotional.  Reflecting on what I’ve been through and the kindness of family and friends moves me more. 

I’ve got to tell you this … when I awakened at 6:23PM on the 18th I was a very happy man.  Even in my groggy state, I was aware of a gracious and faithful God who brought me through that procedure. 

The other changes will play out over the next weeks and months.

For now … I’m happy to be here, seeing the lovely face of Carolyn and our family, and the life I’ve been granted.

And with a deep awareness of you, my readers and friends, who have extended the hand of friendship, love, prayers and kind healing thoughts to me on this journey.

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time


  1. So so sweet Michael! Thank you for putting down your thoughts in words to share with us. So grateful for you and for the Lord's sustaining and getting you through. Love you and Carolyn.

  2. I am so very happy you had a successful surgery and are here to continue your contributions to the world.