Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Seeking a Miracle?

Seeking a Miracle?

I face surgery in two weeks.  Is there a miracle still available for me?  Did you notice the question mark in the title of this post?

If there is, perhaps this is what I seek.

I want a miracle of

~A surgeon who has had a good nights sleep
~Medical equipment that works properly and is well adjusted
~Nurses and operating room personnel who know where to stand, how to move, when to react, and professionals who know where to look and what to listen for from all the equipment that will be used
~Medicine that is in perfect proportions, and the right medicine for the right need at the right time

I want a miracle of
~Comfort and peace for Carolyn and all my family members during the long wait for news of the success of my surgery
~A recovery that goes according to plan and the strength to do what is asked of me
~Those twenty-plus years my cardiologist says he can give me

~I want a miracle of the knowledge that kicks in from all the collective years of training my medical team has put in. 
~I want them to remember those snippets of notes from long-ago university texts books 
~I want God to guide their practiced hands and do their best work.

And if my miracle comes to pass youll hear from me again through blogs and podcasts, emails and phone calls, and songs from a newly restored heart.

This is my morning reflection.

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