Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Saw Love Today

I saw love today.  It appeared while I was watching a couple in their early 60’s hold hands as they walked down Main Street in my town where I live.

I felt love in the kind smile of someone I passed on the street while shopping yesterday.

I heard love in an apology being offered in an overheard conversation at the booth next to me at our local Ruby’s Hamburger restaurant.

I saw love and heard it recently when my granddaughter Aida stopped playing with her Polly Pockets dolls and looked up at Carolyn and said, “Nanny, I love you.”  Doesn’t that just melt your heart?

I see love often in everyday life.  Sometimes it’s a glance from one partner to another at unguarded moments.  I've seen it a dozen times when my adult step-children, J. Paul, Cari and Paula, offer a kind and gentle word of esteem and affirmation to one of their children, just because they exist.

I feel love every week after Carolyn receives my blogs in her in-box.  She sends me some kind of love note just to express her love, her appreciation, or her kind words about something I’ve just written.  That is love out loud.

I've had many other readers write to me or stop me in passing just to say, “I love what you wrote today.”  Those moments encourage me.  Love shows up in those moments too.

Do you see love as you go about your daily life?  I hope so. 

Look for it in the next stranger you meet.  Seek it in those close to you.  Express it to someone who does you a kindness, whether tangible or intangible. 

And especially, especially, say the words to your family members and trusted friends. 

Oh, the power of a well-placed and well-said            

“I     LOVE     YOU!”

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