Saturday, May 19, 2018

Random Early Morning Thoughts

Random Early Morning Thoughts

It’s early morning, and I’m sitting and thinking and writing.  I’m thinking about thoughts, and my endless pursuit of that one great thought for the day that I can turn into something useful for mankind. 


Why should I care?  Why should you care to read my thoughts?

That last one is the greater mystery.

But to answer the first, I care because … (and the pause lengthens).

I suppose I could say ‘I care because …’
~Because I’m a writer and that is what writers do … they care.
~I have a deadline and I must write. (except I am my own boss of my writing life, and no one stands over me to say, ‘write or die’)
~I might win an award, or get my name in lights. (Hardly)

No.  Those are not lofty enough reasons for me to write like I do.  Rather, I write, I think, because my experience has taught me that mankind needs an occasional glimpse of hope.  Mankind needs a look inside of encouragement, and mankind needs, on occasion, to be inspired.

It is a troubling world at times.  Not only is our present world a conundrum of miss-matched socks, confusing identities, (and I’m not beating the drum of sexual orientation) and conflict.  We are a world seeking hope and validation.  We don’t know who we are, and we don’t know how to be in relationship with others.

I had a conversation recently with a therapist and I asked the question “What is the most common problem you see and hear in your counseling sessions?”

“It all revolves around relationships,” she said.

We kicked that one around for a while and then she said something that I am still thinking through.

“Less ego equals freedom.”

What the heck does that mean?  That takes some unwrapping.  I suppose if my ego is raging, on high alert, then I am bound up in living the story that my ego tells me to live.  If I am a writer, then my story tells me to write a certain style, use certain words, perhaps write at certain times of the day or night.  An inner dialogue is going on between my ears, and my writer’s ego is driving that conversation.

If my ego saw me, perhaps, as a fashionista, I would be spending a lot of money and time chasing clothes, color combinations, shoes and neck ties in the latest vogue.

And, perhaps, my ego would never find satisfaction.  Never!  Because the “new” is always out there somewhere and my inner self will never be happy until I have the next ‘new’.

To take my therapist friend’s counsel, I stop the race toward ego and free myself.

What is that all about?

Less ego equals freedom.

Do I really think this could work? 

This I know … a mindset like this is not for the weak of heart or mind.  It would take great guts to give up some ego. 

And here comes freedom. 

This is my
morning reflection.

Words of Hope

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Putting Yourself Out There

Putting Yourself Out There

I had a conversation with a close friend last night.  She is thinking about going to a three-day jazz piano workshop this summer.  I say ‘thinking’, for she is not convinced she wants to expose her talent in this way.  She is a stellar pianist, the one I would be proud to accompany me any given day. 

So, what’s the problem? 

Like most of us, it boils down to confidence, a touch of ego or lack of, and fear of exposing what skill we have and fear of getting better, perhaps.

Does that last sentence sound odd?  I think not.  What if my friend did get better?  At what price would ‘better’ come?

It boils down to “putting yourself out there”, or not.

Other ways of saying this are:

“Press publish.”
“Write the song and then go sing it somewhere.”
“Paint the painting and show us your stuff.”

We all have to do it sooner or later, or we stay the same. 

If I sound like I am beating this drum long and loud for everyone to just go and do the thing, I’m not.  For my friend, I see this as a wonderful opportunity, but that is my view.  And at the end of the day, I respect her decision. 

Whatever ‘putting yourself out there’ means to you, please do it when the timing is right.  And nobody can dictate to you when that time comes.

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Shoes and New Friends

New Shoes and New Friends

I have a pair of very nice brown dress shoes in my closet.  I’ve worn them a few times, and they still don’t fit well.  I’ve about given up on them, and did I mention they are new? 

I’ve had friends like that.  We didn’t fit well at first.  Perhaps I judged, perhaps I offended, perhaps I just didn’t give the friendship enough time and nurturing. 


Sunday night, we had a story-time.  Our youngest grand (age 8), told a story about this very subject.  And today, he and his best bud are inseparable, yet nine months ago, at the beginning of school, they felt they were worlds apart and could and would never be friends.  They weren’t willing to try, in the beginning.

Meet my friend, Sam.  Forty-seven years ago, this month was the first time I ever saw him.  I remember distinctly thinking we probably would/could never be friends.  He just didn’t fit some stupid guideline that I was forming as to the kind of friend I wanted. 

He turned out to be a life-long friend.  Even today, when we talk occasionally, we invariably go back to some joke from our past and laugh like two third graders. 

I’m learning to give new shoes and friendships a good and long break-in time. 

This is my morning reflection.

Words of Hope